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About Blair

Blair's Background


  Blair, a Minnesota author, gets her suspenseful novel ideas from vivid dreams she has in conjunction with news stories, people she knows, and some personal experience.  She began writing, striving to have her novels rank with the best mystery novels written by the best mystery authors of the 21st century.  Blair later started writing thriller novels with a focus on realistic issues.  She grew up in a loving family, traveled quite a bit, and has had numerous friends from all walks of life.  Celebrities rave that Blair writes some of the best thriller novels, and ranks with the best crime authors. 

How Blair Began Writing


  Blair started writing her dreams down, and turned them into short stories while taking college classes in writing.  One of her instructors was so intrigued by a short story she wrote, and encouraged her to write it as a longer story, which she did, and it eventually became a mystery/suspense novel. Blair then went on to write another story, based on several people she knew with PTSD, and that became her first crime/suspense/ novel, Jobs for Angels. Her second novel, Lure to Death quickly became a hit as a crime/thriller/suspense/murder novel and has sold many copies. Blair enjoys writing in the crime/thriller/suspense/murder/mystery genres.

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Blair's Writing Style


  Blair took the idea of starting with a short story and then expanding it and made it her model for writing. Sometimes she starts with a chapter outline, which begins with twelve chapters and can evolve into more as she writes. However, she doesn’t always use an outline, as sometimes it starts with a long paragraph, then a short story of 4-5 pages, then longer and longer, until it usually ends up being somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 words.